Expanding into new markets

The first half of 2014 has seen a steady growth of PacketDam’s customer base in Asia and Scandinavia, in deployments exceeding 20 Gbps in packet capture mode and 40 Gbps in sFlow mode on a single commodity server.

PacketDam 20131030 is released

The 20131030 PacketDam release features bug fixes and significant IPv6 speed improvements. Updated demo binaries are available in the download section.

PacketDam 20130213 is released

The first 2013 PacketDam release brings many bugfixes and speed improvements, as well as support for newer operating systems (CentOS 6.x and equivalent, FreeBSD 9.x). Updated demo binaries are available in the download section.

Crossing the Atlantic

PacketDam has been adopted by Dallas, Texas-based FireHost, Inc. – a hosting company built from the ground up with security and 100% availability in mind – to work alongside the better known Arbor TMS, minimizing attack detection time and increasing network robustness.

PacketDam 20111103 released

A bug that prevented the demo FreeBSD build from setting filters on some systems was fixed.

Demo binaries released

PacketDam 20110927 is now available. Release highlights include:

  • the filtering engine has been rewritten and supports multiple FIBs
  • the XML-RPC API has been refactored (and simplified) to reflect the filtering engine changes
  • selective BGP blackholing is directly available by mapping DSCP values to FIB indexes and tying PacketDam to FIB-aware routing daemons (such as BIRD).
  • jemalloc is the default allocator on all platforms, increasing speed and lowering the memory footprint

Also, it is the first release that includes demo binaries. However, they do not feature sFlow, multi-FIB or XML-RPC support and only evaluate TCP, UDP and ICMP packets.

  • CentOS 5.x x86_64 SHA256 (packetdam_centos5x_x86_64.tar.gz) = a542cc5acfe17cebad979cef3fe6b02d8d95c2ddbef87f3585dc7bbc3d8c5cb5
  • FreeBSD 8.x amd64¬†SHA256 (packetdam_freebsd8x_amd64.tar.gz) = 9fbe1bd00b0ff99631a2204e9ce65bbc5623a7cd35c3589bc694fcaaa462232a



sFlow v5 is now officially supported. Sampling rates of 100% and polling intervals of one second are recommended for optimal performance and maximum accuracy.


PacketDam has reached an important milestone with the addition of IPv6 support. As native deployments are becoming the norm, it is only a matter of time before attacks switch to the new transport.